Dr. Oyangen recommends that parents in Schenectady, NY bring in their children for dental cleanings and exams twice a year for a painless, professional teeth cleaning.  This timing works well for most people and their insurance plans. Patients with gum disease or a weak immune system may need to visit more often.

Important Reasons For Twice A Year

  1. So, your dentist can check for problems before you can see or feel them; including cavities
  2. Treating any problems early always yields the best results.


6 Reasons To Get A Dental Cleaning

1.) Cavity Prevention

Everyone builds up an acidic film on their teeth called Plaque.  If this film stays on your teeth, it will eventually cause a cavity.  Routine brushing and flossing do an excellent job but for the best results, you may need help.  We encourage using a mouthwash but even colored ones stain your teeth and only a professional cleaning removes this stain.

2.) Prevent Tooth Loss

One person in America dies every hour from Oral Cancer.  This disease, can start from Gum Disease caused by hardened plaque.  Plaque prevents the gums from attaching to your teeth, creating a pocket.  Gum Disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults.  If the plaque travels down the tooth, it can start eating your jaw bone.  If this happens, the next time you are eating a caramel, your tooth may fall out. See Figure 1 below   The possibility of this happening to you are significantly reduced if you are having your teeth professionally cleaned as directed.


Fig. 1: Deep Pockets can lead to Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

3.) Make Your Smile Brighter

Using tobacco products or drinking anything besides water may stain your teeth.  A dental cleaning and polishing removes these stains and prevents plaque from building up.  This gives you a brighter whiter smile to share with everyone.

4.) Don’t You Want FRESH Breath?

Getting a professional cleaning is the best way to prevent those nasty odors from getting out of control.  We all want fresh breath when we want to make a good first impression, go for a job interview, or even when you are out in public.

5.) Maintain Good Overall Health

Everything that you eat or drink goes through your mouth.  If you have gum disease or just a dirty mouth, it can cause an infection that can travel to the blood.  From there it can get anywhere in your body.   Many life-threatening illnesses can be traced back to Gum Disease.    These include Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and a Stroke just to name a few.  So please take care of your mouth as directed by a dentist.

6.) Save Money

If your teeth are clean, the possibilities of developing a Cavity, Gum Disease, or even losing a tooth are dramatically reduced.  Treating any of those can cost a lot of money.  Routine cleanings are less expensive and will help reduce the chance for them ever happening.

Painless Teeth Cleanings meets Cutting Edge Technology

Why Choose Advanced Aesthetics

Dr. Oyangen has been performing painless dental cleanings and exceptional dentistry for over 30 years with hundreds of outstanding reviews on Rate-A-Biz, Facebook, HealthGrades, and Google to substantiate it.

We have two Registered Dental Hygienists with a combined experience of over 30 years.  Carol has been with Dr. Oyangen since he opened his own office in 1997.  Michael joined his team in 2011.  Both hygienists are very caring, passionate about your health, and stay well educated on the newest treatments while providing pain-free dentistry.

Dental technology is what separates us from the rest
Our office has and uses the best technology
  1. A DiagnoDent to discover cavities before they are seen
  2. Our office uses a Cone Bean Computerized Topographer, C.B.C.T. for short. With this instrument, we can see the nerves of the tooth or measure the density of the jaw bone while using 1/3 of the radiation of an x-ray.
  3. We also use a VELscope to check for abnormal tissue
  4. The Intra-Oral camera that we use lets you see what we see

“I Guarantee Your Comfort and Satisfaction!” – Dr Oyangen