Loving your smile starts with regular dental cleanings.

Dr. Oyangen has always recommended that our patients in Schenectady, NY receive a dental exam and teeth cleaning at least twice a year. For some, obtaining good oral health may be as easy as routinely brushing and flossing, but for many people removing plaque and tartar is more difficult.

Our hygienists are trained to remove sticky, cavity-causing bacteria (plaque) from your teeth. A quick trip to the dentist for routine teeth cleaning helps prevent cavities, stained teeth, and allows you to avoid future dental issues including gum disease.

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What causes gum disease?

If  plaque is allowed to build up on your teeth it will eventually travel down into the pockets surrounding each tooth. Your gum tissue will then become inflamed and bacteria will proceed to start destroying the tooth and surrounding bone. If this process is allowed to continue, your tooth (or teeth) will eventually become loose and need to be removed.  By regularly removing plaque from your teeth, our hygienists are helping you to maintain good overall health.

At Advanced Aesthetics, our standard of care is designed to help you, the patient, feel comfortable and anxiety-free during your visit. During your dental cleaning, our hygienist will review your medical health and make updates of any new medications you may have been prescribed since your last visit. They will also perform a visual oral cancer screening. We offer a more in-depth screening with our VELSCOPE  ORAL CANCER SCREENING SYSTEM.

"Very professional, yet friendly. Dr. Roy, knows his stuff, and keeps the patient informed throughout each step of the procedure."

Alan P

We search for the root cause of gum disease.

We screen every patient for gum disease using a special tool that measures the space between your gums and teeth. This measurement helps us diagnose the health of your gums, which in turn will determine what type of dental cleaning you will require. For instance,  if the space is large and periodontal disease is detected the patient will need a deep cleaning

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