A crown can help restore your smile.

A crown is a one piece, custom fabricated restoration that is shaped and colored to encase and protect the visible part of your tooth. They are made from a variety of durable materials and can be used for cosmetic dentistry or to aid restorative dental treatments.

At Advanced Aesthetics Dentistry, Dr. Oyangen uses ceramic crowns to help our patients achieve that “one of a kind” smile or to support the creation of a dental bridge. He may also use a crown as the final step in the placement of a dental implant. If you have a broken tooth or a tooth with extensive decay, a crown provides an attractive cover while protecting it from further damage.

We light the way to a better smile!

Reasons to get a crown:

  • Strengthen a weak or broken tooth
  • Anchor a dental bridge
  • Reshape a tooth or cover discoloration
  • Complete a dental implant

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