iTero Scanner

Here at Advanced Aesthetics Dentistry, we take pride in keeping current with the best technology.  For your comfort and convenience, Dr. Roy Oyangen in Schenectady, NY is proud to feature the iTero® . The iTero® takes exceptional digital images. So we do not have to take messy impressions and molds of your teeth.  This scanner takes extremely accurate scans of your teeth in order to produce the best fitting Invisalign® aligners or dental restorations for you.  This accurate, detailed scan allows for a better shape and fit for you dental restoration the first time.

The iTero scanner has many benefits; it is easy to use and does not require the application of impression material to the patient’s teeth. This improves the patient’s comfort. This scanner shortens appointments by 22% and often eliminates return appointments. The iTero provides real-time images that can help our dentist educate our patients. The iTero wand can rest against the teeth for easy scanning. Other scanners need to hover a short distance away from the teeth to stay in focus. These scans can be performed by just one team member.

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