A laser is a tool that emits various focused forms of energy.  In dentistry, lasers can be used in many different procedures.  Dr. Roy Oyangen is proud to perform laser dentistry in Schenectady, NY.  We use dental lasers to:

  • Discover tooth decay
  • Reshape Gum Tissue
  • Sterilize Infected Bone and Gums
  • Remove tooth decay and infection
  • Surgically prepare the gums and Jaw Bone for an Implant
  • Treat cold sores and Herpetic Lesions
  • Perform Root Canals

At Advanced Aesthetics Dentistry, our office uses several different lasers; a DIAGNOdent, CO2 laser, and WaterLase® MD. These lasers perform different functions and aid our team in different dental procedures.


This instrument is used to detect cavities that you cannot see.


1.) DIAGNOdent uses a specific wavelength or light to accurately locate cavities. Early detection of cavities means earlier treatment and improved oral health.



carbon dioxide, laser



2.) CO2 laser is used for soft tissue procedures. The CO2 laser is the gentlest tool found in dentistry. Patient discomfort and anxiety is reduced and healing times are faster with almost No bleeding.



water, laser3.) Waterlase MD uses a combination of a laser, air, and a water spray to perform many dental procedures.

  • Removal of tooth decay
  • Sterilizing and / or reshaping gum tissue
  • Dissolve Infected Bone
  • Removal of Cold Sores or Herpetic Lesions

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