Dental Veneers for a White and Appealing Smile

If your smile has lost its appeal due to minor imperfections like small chips and deep stains, then you might want to talk to Dr. Roy Oyangen about using dental veneer to restore your teeth for a white and appealing smile.

Dental veneers are essentially thin porcelain shells that are cemented onto the face of the teeth in your smile. They are a popular option for improving your smile if you have teeth with minor chips as well as deep stains. The porcelain material can be color matched to look like natural tooth enamel, making them indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Two separate appointments are needed to fit your new dental veneers. At the first appointment Dr. Roy Oyangen will examine your teeth and take a few X-rays. This helps determine if there is sufficient enamel to anchor dental veneers as well as assess the overall health of each tooth. If one or more teeth lacks sufficient enamel or it has been compromised by past dental work, Dr. Roy Oyangen might recommend having that tooth fitted for a crown.

Once all the teeth in your smile have been assessed, Dr. Roy Oyangen will create an impression of your smile. This will be sent to the dental lab where your custom dental veneers are crafted.

When your veneers are ready Dr. Roy Oyangen will call you in for a second appointment to cement them onto your smile. To do this [heshe] will remove a small amount of enamel from the face of each tooth. Then each individual dental veneer will be cemented into place.

If you are interested in being fitted for dental veneers, please call Dr. Roy Oyangen at [phone] to schedule an appointment.

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