If you are missing most or all of your teeth, Dr. Roy Oyangen at Advanced Aesthetics Dentistry in Schenectady, NY may recommend dentures. A denture is removable.  They replace missing teeth and allow you to bite, chew and smile again.  At our office, we offer both complete and partial dentures. If all of your natural teeth are gone, you will need a complete denture.  Partial dentures are used if you have some natural teeth left.  Talk to our dentist to learn which type of denture is right for you.

Dentures Explained

Are you worried about the denture falling out of your mouth when eating or moving on you?  Dentures can be secured using Dental Implants.  These implants are screwed into your jaw bone at a certain torque.  They will protrude above your gums and give you an anchor to “SNAP” onto and keep it in place.   Please talk to the doctor and determine if this is an option for you.  It will depend on your systemic health, your use of tobacco, etc.  Just these two things affect the acceptance of the implant by your body. For instance, if you use tobacco; the threads on the implant will become coated with a substance which prevents the jaw bone from bonding with the threads of the screwed in the implant.  Since this bond does not form the implant will not be secure.

Time To Create and Place Full Dentures

The process of making a quality denture takes time. The construction process can take a few appointments and several weeks. Once Dr. Oyangen determines what type of denture is required, he will make impressions of your jaw and take measurements on how your jaws relate to one another.  These are then used to fabricate models of your future dentures. He will have you try these models on several times to ensure the color matches your gums, the shape replicates your jaw, and then optimize the fit.  Once you and the doctor are happy with the results, a final denture will be constructed.  Any final adjustments are made as necessary.