For over 30 years, Dr. Roy Oyangen and his dental team have provided the highest quality of dental care in Schenectady New York Area. General and family dentistry includes many dental services that aim to help you and your family achieve optimal oral health and then maintain that health for a lifetime.  Our friendly dental team will help you understand all your treatment options and then guarantee you and your family will be satisfied with your overall dental experience.


Dental Crowns

A Ceramic Dental Crown Is used to protect and build.  Crowns are very hard tooth colored caps which are cemented on a tooth or dental Implant.  They can also be used to build Dental Bridges or Dentures.  Dr. Oyangen uses BonaDent Dental Laboratories to custom manufacture all the ceramics made for his patients.  It takes a little longer to use them, but they produce the best results.

Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleanings are important to maintain the health of your smile and body.  Cleanings are needed to clean stains, built up plaque, check for gum disease, oral cancer, cavities, etc.  They are used to get a complete history of your mouth and evaluate your overall health.  Surprising things can be discovered at these appointments.

iTero Scanner

Metal-Free Tooth Fillings

When decay is removed from a tooth; the hole left behind is filled.  There are two types of materials that are commonly used.  One is Amalgam filling.  This is the shiny metal material that was commonly used.  Dr. Oyangen does not use this since it expands as it ages and can crack your tooth.  He only uses a ceramic-based material that has the same color as your teeth, it does not expand, or cause irritation and is harder so it can last a lifetime.

Root Canals

Every tooth has a root system like a tree that provides nutrients.
These roots can become infected, damaged, collapse, or filled with decay.  If this happens the doctor must remove the source that is preventing the tooth from getting the nutrients it needs to live.  This is done by creating an access port and removing the problem or the tooth will die.


Teeth Whitening – Professional In-Office Zoom

Teeth Whitening removes stains from your teeth making them whiter.  This process loosens up the stain, so they can be easily removed.  Our office offers two methods for Teeth Whitening.  The first is a method the patient can perform at home and the second technique is Zoom™ which is quicker and has better results. Zoom™ must be performed in the office using special equipment.

Gum Disease Treatments

Plaque commonly builds up on everyone’s teeth.  If this plaque grows between the gums and the tooth, it can cause an infection.  The body will fight this infection by supplying blood to the area with the goal of the excess blood washes it away and while blood cells killing it.  That is why if someone flosses around the infection, the gums may bleed.  This is called Gingivitis.  If gingivitis Is not treated, it may turn into Gum Disease and cause more serious health problems; Heart Disease, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, or even Diabetes.  Hence, it is very important to visit a dentist and have a cleaning regularly.