Have you looked into the mirror recently and agonized about your less than perfect smile? Do you worry about the first impressions when meeting someone new or applying for that career-changing job? If you are unhappy with your current smile; a simple tooth correcting program called Invisalign® & Invisalign Teen®, these are the Clear Braces which straighten your teeth.  Dr. Roy Oyangen at Advanced Aesthetics Dentistry in Schenectady, New York has been proud to offer the Invisalign program since 2006.

This Patient wore her Invisalign trays for 11 months; see her results and listen to the testimonial.

Here are some frequently asked questions and our answers…

1.)  What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a series of plastic trays, called Aligners; that are designed to slowly move your teeth to a new position and orientation.  Every two weeks you will change to a new set of aligners.  These aligners will move your teeth a little at a time.  Your treatment will continue until you and the doctor are satisfied with the result.

If you are ready for a smile that transforms your appearance; you are ready for Invisalign.

2.)  How Much does it Cost?

We charge one price for Adults and Teens over 14 years of age.  Our Invisalign program includes all necessary x-rays, diagnostic photographs, and study models.  As well as a hygiene cleaning, whitening trays, 2 tubes of whitening gel and 3 sets of retainers to keep your teeth in their new position.

If you need only a small adjustment, we offer Express 5 and Express 10 as a option.

We offer Care Credit to finance this program.

3.)  This Is Our Program

This the list of what we offer for a completed invisaign case.

















4.)  Is Invisalign Right For Me?

Visual comparison between traditional braces and Invisalign.The majority of the time, 95%, you are a candidate to use Invisalign.   The doctor will have to evaluate your needs and discuss what you want to achieve.

To be successful from the Invisalign treatment; you will have to brush your teeth several times a day, change your Aligners every two weeks, and visit the dentist for a quick checkup as requested and receive your next set of Aligners.  Checkups are usually every six weeks and included in the Program’s price.

5.)  How Is Invisalign Different From Traditional Braces

Traditional metal braces are cemented to your teeth and use wires to move your teeth.  Invisalign is a series of trays that are removable which are switched out bi-weekly to move your teeth a little at a time.  Also, gone are the messy impressions to obtain the molds of your teeth. Dr Oyangen uses a digital iTERO scanner to scan your teeth which immediately sends a digital picture to the manufacturer, Align Technologies. This scan aids in the production of the best fitting aligners for your treatment. With this new technology come quicker results. Whereas traditional braces often take years to achieve the results you desire, Invisalign aligners can provide straighter teeth in as little as 8 -18 months. For patients who require less movement of their teeth, we offer Invisalign Express 5 and Invisalign Express 10.

6.)  How Often Do I Change My Aligners?

You should change to a new set of aligners every 2 weeks.

7.)  Will People Notice Them?

The Aligners are just about invisible and they will not be noticed very often if at all.

8.)  How Do They Affect Speech?

They may cause you to LISP the first time you put them in, but they will feel natural after only a short period of time.  You will not even notice you are wearing them.

9.)  What are Invisalign Attachments?

The doctor will attach clear buttons or attachments to your teeth.  The aligners are designed to push on these attachments to get your teeth to move and rotate.  These attachments are sharp and may cause some irritation when they are first put on.  Hence, it is very important to wear your Aligners to protect your gums and cheeks from irritation as often as you can.

10.)  How Do I Care For Them?

1.)  Every time you take them out of your mouth, place them in the plastic box supplied.

2.)  Do not let them sit out too long, the air they will dry them and make them less comfortable to place in your mouth again.

3.)  Please use a “Child’s” toothbrush to clean them with fluoride toothpaste before putting them back in your mouth

4.)  Every time you bathe, place them in a cleaning solution to kill the bacteria.  Let them soak for at least 15 minutes, rinse them thoroughly with water and brush with your child size toothbrush before putting them back in your mouth.

11.)  Eating & Drinking with Invisalign?

You should not eat while wearing your Aligners.  They are made of a soft plastic and chewing with them in can damage them.  The same goes for dinking hot liquids or liquids that can stain them.  If you drink while wearing your Aligners, we suggest drinking with a straw so the aligners do not rest in a liquid that can cause them to stain or deform.

12.)  Oral Hygiene

You should be brushing twice a day and flossing once a day already but with Invisalign, you will be brushing your teeth and the Aligners very often.  We suggest you still floss at least once a day.  As well as get your teeth professional cleaned by our hygienist as often as recommended by the doctor.

13.)  Teeth Whitening

We do not recommend you whiten your teeth during your treatment with Invisalign..  The attachments or bumps may cause dark spots since the whitening gel cannot get under them.  Our office makes you whitening trays and provides you with two tubes of whitening gel at the end of your treatment.  Plus, with all the brushing you should be doing, your teeth should whiten.

14.)  Removing the Aligners

The Aligners will be snug when you start a new series of trays.  After the first two days, they will loosen up.  You can use a fingernail at the lip of the Aligner to remove them.

15.)  Follow-Up Visits

We want to see you about every six weeks to evaluate the movement of your teeth and give you the next three sets of trays.

16.)  Can I Speed This Up?

You cannot speed this up.  This method of moving teeth with Invisalign is a science and the sequence of Aligners should be followed.  If you move the teeth too quickly, they will want to return to their starting position and all your effort will be wasted.

17.)  After The Treatment Is Complete?

We will make you Vivera™ (a firmer plastic) retainer to wear just like your Aligners for 3 months.  This will prevent your teeth from moving back to the original positions, give you jawbone time to harden and stabilize the teeth.  After the 3 months, Dr. Oyangen may suggest you only wearing them at night.

18.)  Refinements?

If you and the doctor are not happy with your results during treatment; he may prescribe a refinement to get you back on track  This is complimentary.

We encourage you to contact Advanced Aesthetics Dentistry today to learn more about Invisalign and to schedule your appointment.