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For some patients just walking by a dental office can make them feel weak and anxious. Whether they had a bad childhood experience or the sights, sounds, and smells of a dental office are simply unnerving, these patients often avoid getting the dental care they need.

We understand and want to help. That’s why Dr. Oyangen is certified by New York State to provide oral conscious sedation dentistry to anxious patients within the Saratoga and Schenectady, NY area. There is no reason a person should forgo good oral health because they’re nervous.

Oral conscious sedation is achieved with a combination of orally administered medications and nitrous oxide. When undergoing conscious sedation, you are in a minimally depressed state of consciousness that allows you to maintain an open airway and react appropriately to physical and verbal stimuli. During the procedure, your anxiety is nearly eliminated. When a patient chooses sedation dentistry, in most cases they won’t remember much about the treatment and will feel extremely relaxed and stress-free.

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Who benefits from sedation dentistry?

• Anyone who has fears or anxiety about going to the dentist.
• Anyone whose anxiety has caused them to put off dental care.
• Anyone who needs extensive dental care done in one day.


"It's so nice to go to a well run modern dental office that is ready for your appointment on time! Plus, Dr. Oyangen is a perfectionist! He wants your teeth to feel good and look great."

Theresa B

Nitrous oxide sedation services.

Nitrous Oxide is the gas dentists use to relieve patients of some of their anxiety about having dental work done. With Nitrous Oxide it only takes a few minutes to reach a comfortable, anxiety free state. Since the effects wear off quickly, you are safe to drive shortly after your dental procedure is finished.

Prior to undergoing any form of oral conscious sedation, we will review with you the guidelines and recommendations regarding your individual case.

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