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Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. When decay or damage to the tooth is too extensive to be repaired, Dr. Oyangen may recommend an extraction. Trauma, decay and gum disease are all reasons a tooth may need to be extracted.

Extracting a healthy tooth, or even several teeth is sometimes needed to prepare a patient’s mouth for orthodontics. This is to alleviate the overcrowding of teeth and help with any misalignment. The end result is a wonderful overall smile!

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What is a tooth extraction?

If the tooth is exposed from the gum and in one piece, an extraction is a relatively straightforward procedure and can usually be performed quickly using a local anesthetic. This would be considered a non-surgical extraction.

In some instances, a tooth may be more difficult to remove. This might be due to the shape of the tooth’s roots, its position, and/or the integrity of the tooth itself. This is considered a surgical extraction.

Impacted wisdom teeth usually fall into this category and require surgical extractions. In this case, the dentist will refer the patient to a local oral surgeon for the procedure.


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Bone grafting helps you recover from a tooth extraction.

When extracting a tooth in preparation for an additional procedure, such as an implant, Dr. Oyangen suggests placing a bone graft in the extraction site. Bone grafting assists in ridge preservation for future restorations such as a bridgedenture or implants. A bone graft is comprised of either endogenous bone (bone belonging to the patient) or artificial substitutes which integrate into the surgical extraction site.

Following any tooth extraction, there are certain procedures Dr. Oyangen recommends you follow to aid in your healing process. These will be explained in full at the end of your appointment. You will be sent home with carefully written aftercare instructions as well.

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